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Client attraction guidance

This section is a treasure trove of valuable information on which marketing instruments are better for referring both present and future customers. You will learn how to develop your own website, promote it on the internet, and attract as many traders as possible.

Creating your own website
Currently, even a novice PC user is capable to create a simple website on one’s own. There is a variety of literature and video tutorials how to produce a website from scratch. At the initial stage, you have to invent a title and purchase a domain name for your future website ($10 on average) and pay for the hosting provider’s services ($30 on average annually). In order to find the best possible provider, you have to enter the word combination “Domain names” or “Buy domain name” in any search engine; “Web hosting services” is entered in order to pay for hosting. Usually, when ordering a web hosting service, you can get a domain name from the same provider. You can check if the selected domain is free on the provider’s site or on the following service: is not recommended to apply to a charge-free hosting service, such as or It will not advance the quality of your project and add to its gravitas; besides, it might hinder its further promotion in search engines.To create your own web-resource, you may also use no-cost Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal available for downloading in a free mode. A user-friendly CMS interface enables to design a plain website literally in one day. A great choice of charge-free templates gives you an opportunity to select an individual style and theme for your website.
Stuffing a website with content
The basis of any website is an informative and repeatedly updatable content in line with the key subjects of the web-resource. You may post various articles on finances, world financial news, and also appropriate matters concerning first-hand experience of operating on the forex market. Moreover, we suggest using a variety of materials available on the official site both as the body content and numerous extras, for instance:
Website promotion
You should keep in mind that it is not enough just to design a website: it is necessary to advertise and promote it in search engines in order to attract your new clients. The contextual advertising is considered to be one of the beneficial ways to deliver the information about your website to users. You can employ the services of Yandex.Direct or Google AdWords.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be ordered from a web design company; however, you are quite capable to develop a website on your own. Numerous video lessons and internet articles will help you find out how to create a great keyword phrase and title tag, arrange inbound links, post a text, create a bulk of links on other websites, etc.
Promotion in social networks
In addition, for a promotion of your affiliate link, you can use social networks on a full-scale basis because they embrace millions of people around the world who socialize and exchange news every day. You should use truly endless possibilities of Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, and dozens of other social networking services to draw target clients.You may create a group (page) in any social networking website and to post there information about trading on the foreign currency market, also the latest news, and the description of the services rendered by InstaForex. You may add friends into a group, conduct opinion polls, offer to get to know better unique trading conditions by InstaForex retail broker. Don’t forget to use your personal affiliate code in the link to our website.
Offline advertisement
Moreover, don’t forget about such a promotion tool as offline advertisement. Thus, you can employ a variety of promo handouts, such as brochures, flyers, leaflets, business cards, etc. as well as media publishing and outdoor advertising. Printed materials usually contain brief information about InstaForex advantages, partner’s contact details, and services description (for example, training courses, seminars, and tutorials). You can distribute such handouts in crowded places and also on information desks in business centers and shopping malls. You can decide on the suitable design of any offline product from a wide range of ready-made layouts available on our website in the section Branded Products.
To arouse clients’ interest, you can run learning courses, lectures, and workshops. You may invite outside coaches. However, if you possess enough knowledge and skills, you can run tutorials on your own. Learning courses could be delivered online (on skype, by means of recorded video lessons). Alternatively, you can present learning material offline; thus you have to rent a room with the essential set of furniture and equipment, such as chairs, desks, a computer, an multimedia projector) either on a paying basis or free of charge depending on your goals and possibilities.You can produce your own course of tutorials or use our educational materials for beginning traders. Such events are equally beneficial both for tyros and advanced traders depending on a topic and a proficiency level of a lecture. So, with the aid of the educational materials you can not only draw clients to your affiliate group, but also encourage them to start an active trading.
Tools for effective client acquisition
To catch the interest of target clients, you can use the whole variety of beneficial offers both for novice traders and experienced ones:
  • Contests
    The wide choice of contests for demo accounts with the solid prize fund to $3,000 is a splendid opportunity for beginners to find out about the Forex market. Without any risk, entry-level traders can not only try hand in trading, but contend for a prize as a deposit on a live trading account. Experienced traders are pleased to take part in the contests for live trading accounts that give an opportunity to win one of the luxurious cars from InstaForex. By doing so, one can jump the page with the list of all available contests following your affiliate link.
  • Bonuses
    It is likely that any trader is tempted to resort to a matchless opportunity available to InstaForex clients, a 30% Welcome Bonus, and even a 55% Bonus credited on their trading accounts. Thus, you can attract clients by offering them to enhance their deposits free of charge by means of just opening and replenishing a live trading account.
  • Automatic Spread Return System
    You can set forward personal trading conditions for each of your referrals giving them back a part of commission they paid, thus ensuring a partial spread return on a trading account by means of the Automatic Spread Return System (Rebate System). You can manually adjust the flexible Spread Return System in Partner Cabinet, so you can easily encourage all or some of your referrals depending on the results of their trading.
  • Company services
    Employing a multitude of the company’s services, you will find favor in the eyes of the most sophisticated clients. So, for those people who are not ready to trade on the Forex market on their own, it is possible to offer investments in the PAMM system. For those, who are still discovering all the details of trading, there is an innovative service of copying trades in line with the ForexCopy System.
  • Two-level affiliate program
    If a new participant of the affiliate program registers his affiliate account using your affiliate link, such a referred client will enter your group as a second-level referral or Sub-IB (a participant of the two-level affiliate program termed Sub-Introducing Broker). This program allows the owner of an affiliate link to get extra reward of 0.2 pips for every trade executed by the clients attracted by your Sub-IB.