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InstaForex Coupon Bonuses

InstaForex Coupon Bonuses are used for crediting to trading accounts. These bonuses are an efficient marketing tool to encourage traders as well as acquire new customers. The partner can create the coupons valued $10 and $50 each depending on the trading activity of his clients.

The coupon bonuses are digital or paper bonus certificates with a unique code for a specific amount of money which may be credited to a trading account.

A partner may use coupons for $10 and $50 as an efficient marketing tool to encourage his traders and their activities as well as acquire new customers. Every InstaForex partner gives coupon bonuses to his most active traders at his discretion.

In order to credit bonuses to the account, a trader should enter his account number, a password and a coupon code filling in a form on InstaForex official website.

The partner can create:

FAQ`s about coupon bonuses

What is coupon bonus?

InstaForex coupon bonus is the reward in the form of a coupon for a certain sum of money for the trading performed by clients referred by partner and assigned to him.

How can I participate in the bonus program?

You will be automatically registered with the program if:

How are the coupons created?

The coupons are created by a partner in Partner Cabinet according to the following principle*:

Where can I check my bonus account?

All information on your bonus account can be found in Partner Cabinet

How can I use my coupon bonus?

You can either activate it on your account or gift it to the client or a person who is not currently a client of InstaForex.

How is coupon bonus activated?

You can activate your coupon bonus on

Where can I check clients assigned to me?

In the Coupon Bonuses section there is a special page where all the clients assigned to you are saved

Where can I find all the activated coupons?

There is a special page in Coupon Bonuses section where you can find all the credited and activated coupons

Can I gift a coupon?

Yes, you can. You can print the coupon out on My Coupons page in Partner Cabinet.

What does Assigned mean?

Use Assign option to assign specific coupon bonus to partner’s clients. When the coupon bonus is assigned, it can be activated by partner and his clients only.

How often may I get the coupon bonus?

One customer can get the coupon bonus only once.

Is it possible to invest the amount of the coupon bonus in the PAMM account?

The coupon bonus will be cancelled in full after investing in a PAMM trader`s account.

Should I verify my account to get the coupon bonus?

The coupon bonus is credited only to the account with the second level of verification.

Why aren’t all the lots closed by the referrals available for creating coupons?

If a referral traded over 30% of the total volume of the partner’s referrals, the number of closed lots for this referral will be reduced to 30% of the total volume of the partner.

Will a partner receive the affiliate commission for trading of his referral with the coupon bonus?

The affiliate commission is paid from the accounts with the coupon bonus only if they have been replenished with an amount either equaling or exceeding the amount of the coupon bonus.

Whom should I contact if I have any questions?

Whom should I contact if I have any questions?

*The coupons can be created for trading activity of the clients referred after the campaign started (March 1, 2013).